Firefox Flash Debugging

I've been trying out the latest beta of Firefox (4.0b11) which is seeming nice but still has a few little issues (the old no hand cursor issue that chrome had for ages seems to be one of them).

But one thing that was making it impossible for me to work was the timeout crash on the flash player while I was trying to debug.

The default timeout for plugins is 45 seconds which can easily be changed in the about:config page:

  • Type about:config
  • Look for the dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs
  • Set the value to -1

And be blessed with no crash reports for flash debugging. Note however this affects all plugins and operation of the browser, so it's not suggested for normal browsing.

Flash Debugger in Chrome

Ever since the lovely people at Google have started packaging the flash player into Chrome it's become a little harder to get the debugger version of the player working in this browser. Chrome will default to it's version of the player even after you've installed the debugging version. Here's the simple step you have to take, in Chrome go to:


Find the flash player, it should have 2 files as part of it, one is the built-in and the other is the debugger (you may have to click "Details" in the top right to see them). If you haven't installed it yet obviously you just see the built-in, and it doesn't matter the order in which you do install it. The trick is just to disable the built-in player, once you've done that chrome will use the debugger version you've installed.
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