ABC Black Saturday Interactive goes live

Our first major project, ABC Black Saturday Interactive, went live yesterday!

"It pulls together hundreds of pieces of media – professionally produced media, official documents and records and the best user generated content – to provide a stunning insight into the fires and the people who lived through them. An interactive map and timeline allow you to explore the events through time and location, and a series of dramatic video portraits provide a moving insight into the personal experiences of some survivors."

ABC Black Saturday Interactive

This project has been a great experience, and we're really happy with the end product. The site pulls together a heap of media data such as video, audio, imagery and news content from a multitude of sources and combines it into a great interactive experience. The Google Maps API also provided us with a really interesting way of exploring the data visually based on the time and location of every media item and story.

Huge thanks go to the ABC Innovation Department, the producer Priscilla Davies, designers Bec Smith and Sarah Fawcett, and everyone else who contributed to the project - it was a great team to work with.

We're really proud to see this online so please go and check it out and explore the site!

Black Saturday Interactive

SWFAddress on Macs causes weird artifacts

Been working with SWFAddress a lot lately on a few projects, and I'd noticed some weird artifacts appearing randomly on the screen when the address value is changed from a mouse click. Strange boxes appearing for a split second in seemingly random places, etc. After a little bit of testing it was apparent that it only happened on Macs, and was the worst in Firefox.

After some googling, I found a post on the Big Spaceship blog about the issue here - it's all explained in that post, basically a strange issue with Firefox 3 and ExternalInterface calls altering the DOM window. It's not SWFAddress' fault, but it's really apparent when you're using SWFAddress for deep-linking.

One solution to fix the SWFAddress issue, is to add a slight delay on the javascript call using the setTimeout function. Click through the link above, and you'll be able to grab a modified version of the swfaddress.js javascript code with the fix applied.

The other option is to add a slight delay in your Actionscript code, from when a button is clicked to when the SWFAddress.setValue() method is called. I did it this way, and used the Timer class and a 20ms delay, and this fixed the issue straight away.