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Last year we developed an application for the University of Melbourne, Ultrasound Education Group, Heartweb. The application is a file browsing, support and synchronisation utility for students enrolled in the Ultrasound Education Group's courses.

The group had a large amount of course material that traditionally was distributed on media (such as DVDs) to the students. The material was all being protected via Livecycle PDF security policy but they requested a simpler method of distributing and updating the materials.

Users' of the application log in and then are presented with a list of material that their policy allows them access to. The content was all moved to the Livecycle server and access was only available through custom developed secure API.

The application allows the user to select material for synchronisation keeping a directory, or individual files, "up-to-date" with the most recent updates to course material. As they browse through the material, files can be viewed or located on the local machine in the default system viewers or in the application where applicable.

Additionally links and other information can be passed to the students via the application allowing the course organisers to supply the students with important information through a single application portal.

A web browsing function was included so they could display content from the Heartweb website directly in the application. We used the StageWebView class functionality to achieve this end.

The application is written completely in Adobe AIR, allowing us to deploy across the multiple different platforms that the students used. We used the built in application updating techniques to provide application updates to the students.

Unfortunately, unless you want to sign up to the Heartweb course to get access to the materials, the application is unavailable, but it was a great experience in integrating file synchronisation with a secure document-based internet distribution process.

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