Holden “Barina Beats” Game

Holden's latest promotion for their Barina includes a game that we developed for ThinkNimble and McCann Melbourne.

The game is a Guitar Hero style game, where icons move along the road and the player has to hit the matching key as the icon moves over the hit area.

"The aim of the game is to beat the street and score as many points possible by hitting colourful icons as they race down the street! There are eight stages that get more challenging as you play. The prize? Whoever has the highest eligible score at the end of the competition period will win an all-new Holden Barina."

It was created as a Facebook application to tap into the popularity of the growing social gaming market and to promote the features of the all-new Holden Barina. The game features music and sound effects from the radio adverts and TVC.

The competition is running until the end of February 2012. Play the game here

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4 thoughts on “Holden “Barina Beats” Game”

  1. The “Sustain” bonus points element of the game doesn’t work for me. I’m on a Windows 7 64 bit system so I’m unsure if its just the 64bit version of flash or something, but bonus points aren’t added when the “Sustain” bonus icons appear. It says you get 100 points for every half second the comet tail appears in the target zone but I get 0 when I hit them and hold the key.
    Just thought it was interesting.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      There are very specific rules on the sustains, you have to actually lift your key off before the end of the sustain or you’ll get zero points. Was a requirement of the original game specification but I think it leads to a little confusion. I’ll suggest the change if we get to update the game.

  2. The Level 1 games differ in score each time. I ran the numbers, and in order to beat the player in the top position, I’d need to get 36,000 in Level 1. I’d be interested in knowing how often that happens, because I’ve played thousands of games, and only seen it a couple of times…

    1. The games are generated by an algorithm that was part of the brief provided to us. This would affect the scores that are possible. We’re not involved in the actual competition, so you’ll have to contact the organisers if you have any feedback like this sorry.

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