Zoos Victoria Mashups v2.0

The Victorian Zoos Mashups site has been updated to include some new features that we had a bit of fun implementing. A couple of simpler improvements, including mashup ratings, staff picks and an updated gallery view, along with some new functionality to record from your web camera, using a Red5 installation!

The most interesting addition was, of course, the live streaming of your web camera to the server which you could then add into your mashup, mixing text and audio in with your recorded video. We created a simple interface, similar to the video player that included a record button.

We installed a Red5 server on the Zoos website, a procedure I detailed in a previous post.

So once the user had allowed the application access to the camera, the user could just press record to start the application streaming and recording the web camera, and press stop to complete. The user could then press play to review the video and continue to accept the video and use it in the mashup.

In addition we created a new embed functionality to simplify the process of users being able to put their video on a site. The code became a simple iframe embed code as below:

  2. <iframe width="370" height="315" src="http://wild.zoo.org.au/mashups/embed.php?id=587" frameborder="0"></iframe>

This new player included the quick rating functionality and the ability to show staff/zoo picks.

The updates are live now, so check them out at the Victorian Zoos Mashups site.

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One thought on “Zoos Victoria Mashups v2.0”

  1. Unfortunately, since the site went live, we had to take down the web camera record functionality, so it’s no longer live.

    The site had been targeted at education by the Zoo and hence was expected that children use the site. Zoos Victoria only found out after the fact that capturing recordings like this is actually a violation of the privacy of the kids so we’ve had to take it down until (or if) a solution is found.

    It’s a pity cause the implementation was really simple and user friendly, though that may have accentuated the privacy concerns.

    I’ll update if we find out more.

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