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So as many people know, I've been promising an update to the KML Loader for a while now, and even to the point where I've had some local revisions and haven't had the time to check them in (I know, I know, bad practice!)

The major update has been to enable the ability to load linked assets. Initially this just extends to ground overlays and custom icons, but now that I have the structure setup to do this I'll be able to add in linked files and styles easily.

Other updates include a series of bug fixes, features with multiple geometries now load in correctly and I've updated the utility library to correctly parse the newer OGC KML namespace.

Some things to note:

  • I've added a trunk directory to keep the main head revision separate from the tag tree
  • I've removed the included version of the google maps utility library. I've committed in some changes to this library so I didn't want to have to maintain it in two places, so you'll now have to go to the google maps utility library on google code here (I'll package it all up at the end of this post as well).
  • I've tagged the previous version of the library if you wish to keep using it, you'll find it at:
  • I've used the BulkLoader by Arthur Debert and have included it in the repository. This is used to load all the linked assets.

The functionality should be exactly the same as the previous version, so you can still refer to the post on interactions, about the SimpleKMLLoader and the initial post about the KmlLoader.

The major change is that you now need to grab the gmaps utility library separately and put both libraries in your source tree.

svn co distriqt-gmaps
svn co gmaps-utility-library-flash-read-only

You'll end up with a src directory in both of these checkouts that you need to add to your source path for your projects.

Here are the current packages (v1.2) distriqt-gmaps-kmlloader-v1.2 and google-utility-library-flash.

Let me know if you find it useful!

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2 thoughts on “KML Loader Update”

  1. Very useful update and I am using it for some cool projects. Flash API discontinued… sad. time to learn javascript

    1. Yeah it is a bit sad that the Flash Google Maps API has been deprecated, but there are still other flash mapping platforms out there so you don’t have to move to javascript totally. We’ve been using a few different things of late, which I’m going to do a little write up on soon.

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