Lachlan Moore Photography Updated

We've recently updated Lachlan's site with some new features, including an introduction slideshow, and integration with RoyaleCMS. The CMS is a powerful, rebrandable CMS for any XML driven website or web application. It's a flash/php based CMS and provides a very simple and clean interface especially good for gallery and image based websites.

Previously this site integrated with a Drupal backend, but we found that ordering images in a Drupal gallery was overly complex and was becoming an issue for image management for this site. Hence we decided to try RoyaleCMS.

We had a few minor integration issues but overall it was a simple experience to get our website interfacing to the CMS. The available parser libraries definitely made it an easy experience to get the content from the CMS. Our biggest problem was the difficulty of associating a description with an image. Something that nearly every gallery site requires however it was a bit of a process (though by no means impossible) to get the CMS setup to add this simple piece of metadata.

We definitely recommend RoyaleCMS if you're looking for a simple backend to manage a flash portfolio site.

Check out the updated site at

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