Distriqt has recently entered into a new relationship with One Meaning Communicated Differently. The new entity called Zappp will develop a mobile application platform for musicians in Australia. The project is an exciting development for us and we'll be moving quickly into large scale mobile development over the coming months.

Here's the press release:

We are very pleased to announce the launch of ZAPPP a new company that creates intuitive and engaging apps for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We are even more pleased to announce that we will be buildings apps for some of the best Artists in Australia including Angus & Julia Stone, Josh Pyke, The Getaway Plan, Little Red, Grinspoon, Illy, Gold Fields and Icehouse(Yes, the Icehouse).

Says co-founder Jai Al-Attas “The whole point of starting ZAPPP was that we didn’t want to just create mobile versions of band websites and call them an App. We think that Apps are useless unless they provide value to both the user and the Artist, so we created the ZAPPP feature which allows the Artist to have a direct & meaningful relationship with the User by offering them exclusive incentives and rewards through the functionality of our Apps”.

Mobile Apps really took off in 2010 and they’re only going to get bigger in 2011 & beyond. At the moment 43% of the Australian population use a smart phone and worldwide they expect app downloads to go from 10 billion in 2010 to over 70 billion in 2014.

ZAPPP is a partnership between creative agency ONE MEANING COMMUNICATED DIFFERENTLY and development whizzes DISTRIQT; who between them have done work for Bands and Brands such as the ABC, Fox Interactive, Victoria Zoos, KR3W Denim, Ford, Bic Pens, V8 Supercars/Tony Hawk, Sparkadia, Bag Raiders, Little Red and Korn to name a few.

Contact us for more information or head over to the Zappp site.

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