BIC Express Yourself Sketchpad

We recently developed the Flash sketchpad component for the BIC Express Yourself campaign site for our friends at HardHat Digital.

The site features a great Flash-based sketch pad which let's users create their own artworks for the competition. It's been going really well, and some of the entries so far are mind-blowing!

Check it out and if you're feeling artistic, get in there and maybe win an iPad!

DISCLAIMER: If you win, the sketchpad application will not work on your iPad! (thanks Steve.)

BIC Express Yourself - Big Friendly Giant
BIC Express Yourself - Big Friendly Giant

2 thoughts on “BIC Express Yourself Sketchpad”

  1. awesome work, some of the designs that people made using your tool were amazing. The number and quality of entries you had is testament to how good it is.


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