The new extensions license

As part of our review of our support and licensing model we have taken your advice and concerns on board and are currently redeveloping our entire system.

Over the coming month we will stop selling the extensions in their present form and be migrating to a new licensing and support model.

The new model will be as follows:

  • All server checks removed, each of your applications will be independent of our servers, forever
  • Updates and support will now be part of a yearly subscription, with discounts after the first year
  • There will no longer be a developer key, instead each application will have a unique application key
  • Application keys, subscriptions and support will all be managed through our new extensions site

Support Site //

The new site will be the gateway for all information, support, tutorials and subscriptions.

We have taken great care in putting together a site that will be easy to use and give you quick access to detailed information, documentation, tutorials and support on each of the extensions.

We will be introducing a getting started guide for each extension along with code snippets, screenshots (where applicable) and FAQs.

Migration Plans //

For customers who are using the existing extensions you'll be able to continue using them just as you have in the past and none of your published applications will be affected. If you don't wish to update then you can keep using the current extensions.

We will stop updating the current GitHub repository and will be migrating to separate repositories for each extension. The current repository will be shut down early next year.

When you are ready to update to the new system, you'll need to log into the new site with your GitHub username and import your existing developer key. This will give you access to the new repositories and support for the extensions you currently have access to.


Current extensions will no longer be available for sale: 3rd December 2014
New support and license site will become available: 12th December 2014
Existing GitHub repository will be closed: 12th January 2015

Showcase //

We also want to show off your applications and what you’ve used our extensions to build. So if you have an application you’d like us to showcase on the site please send through some information including video or screenshots and a summary of the application and we'll put it up on the site.

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