Native Extensions // Push Notifications Tutorial // Part 1

This tutorial will cover setting up and running the Push Notifications Native Extension for Adobe AIR from distriqt.

With the Push Notifications extension enables the push notification functionality in your mobile AIR application allowing you to send (or push) notifications and data to users of your application. The extensions API will have you up and running with remote notifications in minutes.

Importantly this extension allows you to write code once and have access to push notifications on multiple platforms allowing you to quickly integrate push notifications no matter what platform you are developing for!

In this first tutorial we will run through the concepts involved in getting your application setup and running with push notifications including:

  • Setup and registering certificates for APNS
  • Setup for GCM

Currently we support the following platforms:

  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)

The extension provides a completely native implementation of push notifications allowing you to receive notifications from the associated services.

Read the full tutorial online
Tutorial // Push Notifications // Part 1
Download a pdf of the tutorial
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Please note that this is not a server implementation. You’ll need to investigate appropriate server code for your application and to manage your user tokens and to dispatch notifications appropriately. We will however show you how to send a single “test” notification using several methods in Part 2.

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    1. Hi,

      No this is a GCM / APNS implementation allowing you to receive messages pushed from the GCM / APNS servers. If you wish to send push notifications you need to implement a server side application that would do the communication to these services and then to the other device.


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