Roadtrip Forever

This project is a personalised online video experience developed in conjunction with RunPixelRun and SCA for the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Roadtrip Forever, is a personalised experience for you and your best friend where nothing is off limits. Take supplies, take friends and take the trip You won't regret it.

The application integrates with Facebook to pull information and images about the users friends to make the video experience highly personalised. The user will see photos and names of their friends throughout the video making the experience feel like it was actually the user "taking the road trip".

The video was recorded in segments, tracking the position of the integration points (such as the mobile phone screen) and this information was dynamically passed into our flash application which rendered the content into position. The content was a combination of images, text and pre-created assets which were all dynamically combined into renderable bitmaps at runtime.

The application was a major collaboration between all the parties involved, with distriqt responsible for the front end flash player application, RunPixelRun providing the Facebook integration and SCA the video production.

There were two versions of the experience developed, one for males and another for females, customising the perspective and end message of the video to the different genders.

Some press about the site:

This road trip is fictional. If you're upset by its realism or have been affected by road trauma and would like to speak to someone, call Road Trauma Support Services Victoria on 1300 367 797.

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