Native Extensions Update 1.6 – NativeMaps and Calendars


We've just released the latest update to our ANE package. This update includes our new Native Maps extension, plus additional updates to the Calendar ANE to support calendars on Android, and also now multiple calendars on iOS.


The new Native Maps ANE allows developers to seamlessly integrate native map components into mobile AIR applications.

We've always felt this functionality was terribly missed in AIR for mobile apps. The Google Maps Flash API never worked under Android, and obviously never under iOS either. Solutions like using the Google Maps Javascript API in a StageWebView were doable but never performed greatly and required a lot of messing about.

And so we've now provided a true cross-platform solution for iOS and Android maps. Using the same Actionscript API, you can integrate maps for iOS and Android with the same code.

We hope you enjoy it!

Read more at our native extensions page here:

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