Native Extension Tip // ld: unknown option

When packaging an iOS AIR application you may encounter the following error:

Error occurred while packaging the application:
ld: unknown option: -ios_version_min
Compilation failed while executing: ld64

As in the following screenshot:

This error simply indicates that the native extension you are attempting to package requires some features from the iOS SDK or a version greater than the one you are currently using. To remedy this, make sure you are using a recent version of the iOS SDK and correctly including it in your packaging options.

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4 thoughts on “Native Extension Tip // ld: unknown option”

    1. Hi,

      Most of them require at least 5.0, you’ll need to check the individual extension documentation though as some use 6.0 features. There are so few devices using anything less than that it’s not worth our time supporting it and, realistically, not worth your time either.


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