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After spending so much time invested in loading and editing kml we've created a section dedicated to our kml libraries. Over the coming weeks I'll be expanding this into a reference for the library. Feel free to contact us with comments or queries.


Simple KML Loader

You can use this code to simply load and display a kml file on your map.

  1. var loader:SimpleKmlLoader = new SimpleKmlLoader( google_map_instance, true );
  2. loader.load( _file );


See this post for information on how to add interactions to your kml objects.

Kml Loader Basics

See this post on the basic implementation of the loader. This requires more work than the SimpleKmlLoader but is the base class if you don't need the automatic map addition.

Get the source

The source is stored on github:

Or you can download a package:

Version 1.0

4 thoughts on “KML Loader”

  1. Hey Daniel

    The library files are part of our SVN repo, so you need to use an SVN client to download it, i.e. “svn checkout gmaps/” in Terminal if you’re on a Mac, otherwise use something like TortoiseSVN on Windows.

    If you can’t get it working just shoot us an email (sk at and we can send you a zip or something.


  2. Hi Shane

    Thanks for your answer, i got the files! but i’m trying to load a kml file and i have this error: 1020: Method marked override must override another method (line 154 in overlay/ I’m probably doing something wrong what can that be?

    1. The latest version of the library is designed to work with flash v 10
      or higher. However it will work with version 9 however you’ll just
      need to remove the text “override” on line 154 of the

      Sorry the library is still in development so we appreciate your
      patience. Let us know if you have any other problems.

      I’ll make sure we fix this for the next release.

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