Open House Melbourne 2013

Open House Melbourne is a not-for-profit association that runs annual events providing the public a free and rare opportunity to discover a hidden wealth of architectural, engineering and historic buildings nestled around the city.

As part of a sponsorship for Open House Melbourne 2013, distriqt developed an iPhone and Android mobile app to support the event.

As we are partly based in Melbourne, this was a great opportunity to show our support and love for the city, and help give this great not-for-profit event a new way to reach over 100,000 of the public who will attend this year.

The app features a full list of over 100 buildings which are open for tours, an interactive map, a personal itinerary plus social integration with Twitter and Instagram and more.

We'd like to thank Cornwell ( for the visual design, and efront ( for their support.

If you're in Melbourne on July 27-28, grab the app or a printed program and check out some of the great buildings and architecture in Melbourne.

Visit the OHM 2013 Website

You can also find the Android version on the Google Play Store

Roadtrip Forever

This project is a personalised online video experience developed in conjunction with RunPixelRun and SCA for the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Roadtrip Forever, is a personalised experience for you and your best friend where nothing is off limits. Take supplies, take friends and take the trip You won't regret it.

The application integrates with Facebook to pull information and images about the users friends to make the video experience highly personalised. The user will see photos and names of their friends throughout the video making the experience feel like it was actually the user "taking the road trip".
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Bollé Lap of Oz

distriqt was recently brought on to develop the mobile and Facebook applications for the Bolle "Lap of Oz" campaign.


The campaign involved a competition run through the specially developed mobile application, where users would activate the Lap of Oz app while walking, running or cycling and have their distances contribute to a communal lap of Australia. Users' entries were displayed through an interactive map on the Facebook application page, and plotted along the total route of the lap of Australia along with the user's profile image and the distance they contributed.

Working with Melbourne creative studio Marilyn & Sons, we built and managed the implementation of mobile apps for iPhone and Android, along with the web-based Facebook application. The back-end system runs on Ruby on Rails through the Heroku platform. Rails + Heroku was a great fit for what we required to power the application as it allowed us to quickly develop a REST style API and easily manage scaling of the server requirements we needed.

Check out the Facebook app here, or search the App Store or Play Store for "Lap of Oz"!

Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub

Our latest project has been a big one, and took a year of development, finally being released to the public in late 2012. The site is a knowledge hub for Emergency Management and disaster resilience in Australia and is called the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub.

Developed for the Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) (part of the Attorney-General's Department) the project was a challenging but rewarding experience.

The Knowledge Hub provides research, resources and news relevant to emergency management and includes statistics and information, photos, video and media about past disaster events. For those working in the emergency management sector there is also a community forum space.

The project

There are several major components of the project. The most prominent is the front end website, which was developed using umbraco, a great IIS based CMS. This allows us to provide an amazing amount of flexibility in what we present to the visitors of the site, while still allowing an editor to easily update and edit the content on the site. A blog, and a forum were added to allow members to interact with the disaster resilience community.

The second important aspect of the site is a database of resources including disaster events, media and research documents. All these resources have been made easily editable through the umbraco backend and a completely searchable interface added to the front end. Importantly visitors can create a report of their searches summarising the resource information in the search, allowing researchers to filter the data and investigate the disasters, statistics and related resources.

Lastly we developed a highly interactive mapping application allowing users to visually explore and interact with the disaster events database. Similar to some of our previous projects, this application allows a user to scroll through time by use of a timeline component to visually change the data displayed on the map.

Details on the Bushfire disaster type in the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub
Details on the Bushfire disaster type in the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub

Some press articles from the community:

Thanks to:

Josh Djuric - Designer

See the work here:

ZAPPP – Mobile Apps

Distriqt has recently entered into a new relationship with One Meaning Communicated Differently. The new entity called ZAPPP will develop a mobile application platform for musicians in Australia.

This represents an exciting new direction for distriqt, and defines new areas of digital development we are now focused on.

We have developed apps for some of Australia's biggest bands, including The Living End, Angus & Julia Stone, Grinspoon, Josh Pyke, and The Getaway Plan - just to name a few.

Says co-founder Jai Al-Attas...

The whole point of starting ZAPPP was that we didn’t want to just create mobile versions of band websites and call them an App. We think that Apps are useless unless they provide value to both the user and the Artist, so we created the ZAPPP feature which allows the Artist to have a direct & meaningful relationship with the User by offering them exclusive incentives and rewards through the functionality of our Apps.

ABC Black Saturday

Developed for the ABC Innovation department, we developed this interactive website after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria.

The project received a fantastic response, and won two AIMIA awards in both categories it was nominated for, including:
Best Online Video
Best Classifieds, News, Media or Reference

From the press release:
"It pulls together hundreds of pieces of media – professionally produced media, official documents and records and the best user generated content – to provide a stunning insight into the fires and the people who lived through them. An interactive map and timeline allow you to explore the events through time and location, and a series of dramatic video portraits provide a moving insight into the personal experiences of some survivors."

ABC Black Saturday Interactive

This project was a great experience, and distriqt's first major project. We are incredibly happy with the end product. The site pulls together a heap of media data such as video, audio, imagery and news content from a multitude of sources and combines it into a great interactive experience. The Google Maps API also provided us with a really interesting way of exploring the data visually based on the time and location of every media item and story.

Thanks to:
Priscilla Davies - Producer
Bec Smith & Sarah Fawcett - Designers

The website is still up and running, however due to the transient nature of the internets, some of the content is no longer available.

Black Saturday Interactive

Marija Ivkovic

We developed this interactive portfolio site for photographer Marija Ivkovic.

Utilising Flash we created a slick, intuitive and interesting navigation system to browse through Marija's fantastic work.

We were also awarded with the Site of the Day from

Recently, we also converted the website into a mobile application for iPhone and iPad.

You can check it out online here or in the iTunes App Store.